A Nimble Organization

Things were moving great a PG specially for John. He has been able to specify the optimal placement of 1000 sensor he wanted to place on on his Tesla to collect the information on the force field the car observed while floating in the air. With help of Megan he had used a batch computing service in Azure allowing to run several heavy computational algorithm to find this optimal solution. He had also brought in interns who were helping him with both the physics theoretical work and also coding the computational algorithms. His team, called R&D, had placed all of the assets they build inside the Org department where Megan owned. The number of tools and algorithm the R&D team was developing was growing very fast and therefore Megan decided to move all of these items into a new department called R&D.

John and Megan were having lunch at their usual place near their office when Megan suggested to move the R&D resource including the BalancingData IoT hub plus the algorithms to a new department owned by John so that he had full control on updating them without requiring Megan to approve the release request every time they had a new deployment (since Megan was the de facto PM and owner of the Org department she had to approve all the releases going to the Prod environment). John did not seem to be happy with what he had heard and went on to say: “is this really necessary? I don’t really wanna lose the time it takes to move these assets. You know Megan we are really short in time and I rather focus my time on doing the important stuff than spending a week or so to move things around. Can we do this some other time when we have less thing to worry about?” Megan knew that time would never come in a busy startup so she said “John, who told you it would take a week or so?” John said “nobody said that but having several services and pipelines I am pretty sure that it would take at least take a week to move them”. Megan said “unlike most of the times you are dead wrong this time. Moving the items won’t take even an hour!” and before letting John to jump in to show his unbelieving face, Megan said “look we are following ITAC. With ITAC all we need to do to move resources is one click on a button!”

In fact, moving resources from one department to another is a golden feature of CloudOrg application. Using CloudOrg, One can pick a department and select the resource type – employees, applications, …” to another – or a new department.


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